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Gray-scale adjustment ....

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by sharkbait, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. sharkbait


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    Over the past month or so, I have become aware of a noticable red tint on my 43" Toshiba RP. It was very obvious in the black borders when playing widescreen material and was also becoming noticable generally.

    I spent a couple of hours last night trying to adjust the set, and whilst I had a degree of success, I would like to get a better understanding of what I did.

    I intend to open the set up and give the mirror and inside a good clean (the set is 3 years old), but have not been brave enough to follow Nathans good advice yet.

    I loaded up my Avia and checked the gray scale pattern. There was a definite red tint across the range of greys, so summised that it was a gray scale issue rather than a colour decoder problem.

    I then - just to be sure - entered service mode and tightened up the convergence.

    Then - again in service mode - I tweaked both red cut-off and red drive until I felt the image was more normal. The Avia checkboard patterns - at different IREs - were useful as they had a definite pink cast to them previously.

    The image seems much better and I have been able to push the colour setting up by about 7-10% without the flesh tones becoming too red.

    I have made a note of the default settings for my drive and cut-off settings in case I need to restore them.

    I am just a little concerned that I do not really understand what the red drive and cut-off adjustments actually do - and their relationship with each other and the other colour adjustments.

    Does this sound like a sensible thing to have done?

    Is it possible to get professional ISF calibration for RP's in this country?

    Any advice or insight appreciated.

    NB. I do have an electronics background, so was not entirely rummaging around in the dark. :p
  2. Gordon @ Convergent AV

    Gordon @ Convergent AV
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    Cut offs and gains adjust the amount of the colour in the high and low brightness settings. What you did will have worked. To get it bang on requires test equipment.

    Yes it is possible to get Tosh rear pro's greyscaled in this country. I did a Scenium one this weekend in London.


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