GRAW - gunride sections (argggggghh)!!!

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I bought this game some time ago and while I think the graphics are superb and MOST of the play is excellent I get really brassed off with the helicopter gunride sections where you fly around aimlessly in a helo hanging on the trigger of a chain gun, hitting what you can (but by and large it matters little it seems). Then, if you do get to flunk out, you get to do the whole booorrrring section again and again :mad: Most frustrating one is the one near the end, having secured the Black Hawk, when you then seem to have to hold the gun bang on the target of a flying helo until it drops, getting only 10 secs or so before the numskull pilot flies you out of shot!!!! Really annoying this and and the sequence that you have to repeat before that is SOOOOOOOOO boring. Have to say that if I could find a cheat for this section of crud I'd use it!!!

Must admit that if I wanted a helo/shotting game I'd go and buy one but this stuff just seems to be cheap cop-out padding for a game rather than having high quality throughout. Good game I think overall but I'll be checking future releases for rubbish/padding before I buy another!!! :thumbsdow
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