GRAW fun on Sunday Night


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Aug 24, 2005
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OK i thought it would be a good idea to arrange some Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior (360 version) mayhem

Nothing serious just 16 or less players trying out the various game modes for an hour or two.

I was thinking 7pm to 9pm maybe more maybe less seeing what people think at the time

anyway if intersted reply and i will add you to my friends list and do the invites on sunday night into the private game:thumbsup:


confirmed so far;

lockload (me)
michaelT1888 (possible host with 4mb cable)
kingsize one
fishy monkey
Starfleets (possible host fast connection, 1.23mb upload:eek: )
eddy no1

possible second game? or ill try to invite you if there is space

soul patch uk
fixtures man

v3rm33r (if around)
henke7 (may be around later on)

Also if anyone has a higher than normal upload and want to host shout!
If I am back from A'dam in good time, then will definately be up for some GRAW fun!!:cool:
Id love to join in, Ive followed these forums since Oct but never joined any of you in some gaming fun, So count me in if there is room please :smashin:
count me in too - gamertag kingsize one
If you're short on number I may well be about to join in, although Im likely to be pants at it. As a PC gamer for many MANY years I struggle with console controls.
i nwill be up for a blast as well, as long sa our team for the league have nothing planned
ok so far;

v3rm33r (if around)

keep em coming

i may not do the friends invites until sunday as i am away for the weekend

progeni do not worry about how good you are this is just a fun get to the how to play game :thumbsup:
ok aded does anyone have a higher than normal upload connection? as they would be better to host
Yes Please!
T1888 that sounds goo as the upload is better than my adsl :thumbsup:

Leeds82 is that your gamertag?
I am up for some 16 player fun. GRANT666UK
grant666uk said:
I am up for some 16 player fun. GRANT666UK

grunt added you to the list

4 places left
m1ket said:
grunt added you to the list

4 places left

LOL Grunt... That take me back to my school days. Oi Grunt !!!!
grant666uk said:
LOL Grunt... That take me back to my school days. Oi Grunt !!!!

lol sorry slight typo:suicide:
Anyone online now, come and play. In a room with Lisabonlion too, but we need more players! Add me and I'll invite you
i have 4mb cable with 384k ul be upgrading to 10 meg in couple weeks though.

il play if you are doing co-op online , not much for deathmatch frags :thumbsup:
let me know if your doing co-op or deathmatch etc.

id rather play as team with friends against the ai ,it's more friendly and tactics :)
I'm in. When I get the game, hopefully tomorrow. Can't get through to gameplay to get them to next day it. Do they ever answer their phones?
il be hosting co-op online allmost everynight from next week, so after the sunday fun if anyone loves co-op & wants to play regular using comms and some tactical greatness pm uz:)

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