Graphics FPS drop going from 19" CRT to 22" widescreen?


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Hi guys,

I'm currently running a PC that's coming up to 2 years old:

Athlon 4400 X2, 2Gb RAM, 2x 7800 GTX SLI'd cards.

I've just installed Bioshock and it runs pretty smoothly at 1280*1024 on my 19" 4:3 CRT with mostly high settings. It was a little blocky at the start, so I dropped back a couple of the settings.

I'll soon be changing my monitor to a 22" widescreen LCD (not sure which one yet). Will my graphics cards struggle with this game? 1600*1200 on my current system chugs a lot and I'm not sure what the resolution difference with a 22" widescreen is.

If I sold my graphics cards and bought an 8800 GTX would I notice much difference?




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I'll try upping the resolution and lowering the settings a bit to see if it runs any better. Should my SLI cards handle 1600*1200 okay?

EDIT: I set it up at 1600*1200 and the FPS took a nosedive, averaging around 13. The average at 1280*1024 is between 25 and 30, with a little slowdown at times. Still playable though.

Seems like 2x 7800 GTXs hasn't got the clout to drive this game past 1280*1024

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