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OK think i have finally come to the conclusion that the GPU on my 780g Gigabyte mobo has a fault.

Now the choice is

A) take the mothorbaord out of the PC (bearing in mind this could take a fair while, removing the processor fanless heatsync etc) and send the board back for replacement, meaning ill be without a home PC for a few days.

B) Buy a standalone card to put in the machine.

What does everyonre think? If I go with option B what card shoud I go for? I need HDMI out (unless I can still use the one on the mobo. The card has to be able handle Blu Ray playback at 1080p.



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Its a toss up for yourself really. I personally would have the seller send you a new one if yours is faulty, but that would be me acting out of principal. The new hd4550 thread makes some interesting reading at the moment, though it would appear that there isn't any feedback from some of our more experienced members just yet.

That aside, the new hd4550 looks to be very htpc friendly with new graphics and audio capabilities (8.1 lpcm anybody?)



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hey! almost the same number posts!! :D

lol, well spotted.

Ill check out that card as at least ill be future proof for a bit. Anoying that the onboard solution is not working as it should. I would normally return and replace but this has gone on so long not sure I want to wait on e buyer to recive then send a replacement.

Ill decide by the end of the day I think.



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its a definite possible for me. Looking to sell my XE1 and cannot find upscaling that touches it on the pc. This card looks like it could match that as well as provide me with decent lpcm. Could save £££££'s compared to the xonar hdav1.3 sound card.


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Well I decided to send the mobo back, it will get collected tomorrow.
Ebuyer will test it then send out a replacement.

As I have taken the whole machine apart I have also decided to change the case form the Silverstone SG01 to an Antec which will fit a bit better in my equipment rack.

The Silverstone is up for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested :smashin:

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