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just a bit of advice please. the fan on my graphics card has broke but i think my dad will buy me a new graphics card. any ideas on what i shud get, prob have around £100 to play with. then how easy/hard are they to install yourself.

any help is grateful, because i need to get this done today so i can play counterstrike without it crashing from an overheating graphics card.

thanks sam


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Well, they are fairly easy to fit as long as your PC's out of warranty of course. But as to what model you can get for £100 that's worth it I'm not sure, mabey some of the other esteemed members can jump in here?:D
But if your going to go and buy one from a shop then I would say NO. You can get much better deals on line.


Get a 7600GT (i got mine 105 from dabs)

I had a 6600GT before and the difference in BF2 etc is really remarkable.

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