Graphics card?


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As a newbie what are the better graphics cards a Nvidia or a ATI?the quieter the better for my htpc.
thanks in advance regards nico.


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ooo thats a good one, prepare for a flood of ATI V's Nvidia posts, Most of the people I know who have made a HTPC have used the fanless cards, which have big copper fins on to disperse the heat and then a quiet 120mm fan at the back. have a google around, but I have owned both ATI and Nvidia and I would say they both have their pros and cons, up to you really.


That's a loaded question, you'll likley get lots of opinions.

I prefer the Nvidia 6 series with the PureVideo decoder.


I currently use onboard NVidia 6100 graphics. I am looking at the possibility of upgrading to a better 6000 series.

How about this one?

GEforce 6600

Do these ones with a heatsink take up less room than one with a fan (when vertical)? I only have two PCI and one PCI Express. I use the PCI slots so there is a certain amount of room for a graphics card.

Does it make much of a difference having 512MB RAM over 256MB if I am not into games that much? Will the extra help doing HD resolutions?


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Get one of the fanless cards, and whatever best offer you can find. I don't think there's really that much difference between the two, if you're not trying to get the max out for gaming or such.

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