Graphics Card to support Four Displays


Can someone please recommend a graphics card (to go in a HP EliteDesk 800 running Windows 10) that will support 4 monitors (display port connection on monitor).

It's just for display purposes, so doesn't need to be high spec - in fact, the cheaper the better!



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Displayport is a bit of an unusual standard as it can drive 4 displays from 1 port by daisy-chaining the displays. So, in theory, any card with a Displayport port should do.(This is assuming the monitors have 2 ports). If not the only range of cards I can think of is the Firepro and Quadro ones that had multiple Displayport ports would only be available second-hand / refurbished now.

examples -

GT 1030 card
Quadro P400 card
Firepro W2100 card


What CPU do you have does it have discrete graphics? You could potentally run two from the on board and two from a GPU, most GPUs will do dual screen without gettting a high value one...

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