Graphics card problem??


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I had this post in games section and was advised to post it here.

Window Xp SP3
AMD Athalon XP2600
1024mb RAM
ATI Radeon 9500 8xAGP 128Mb DDR

When I try to play elite force 2, I get this message- GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem
I have tried removing and re-installing,but still the same. I have not been able to play this yet.

I recently downloaded the latest driver from ATI. Do I need to uninstall old driver, if so how??
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There could be a slight chance that your card doesn't support the required OpenGL, but that is highly inprobable.
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I'm sure it is a graphics driver problem - it is saying it can't run OpenGL. And the game certainly works with XP because I've played it under that OS! Therefore...

Update Your Graphics Drivers
1. Goto this webpage and download the latest drivers for your system. Select the OS, Radeon and then your graphics card series.

2. Run the executable rebooting as required. If not required reboot at the end.

3. See if that works! Now the game should function correctly with just the normal ATI drivers so you might want to hold off to see if someone more informed can help :) You might need to do a full uninstall including deleting registry entries - however I have no experience with ATI cards so cannot advice there. Failing that you could try this:

Direct X Workaround

4. Download the latest version of Dirext X.

5. Have a look at this thread on a similar subject. Download GLDirect - I recommend reading the whole thread - which will enable you to run OpenGL from the Direct X base.

Hope that helps!

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