Question graphics card nvidia 1650 low frame rate and running slow


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any experts on here

have two pcs one i5 and other i7 both with 16gb ram and ssd main drive

one son is having issues with low frame rate running unreal and i7 pc seems sluggish

i5 pc running same software runs fine

havent needed to use a graphics card pc for a long time so a little behind on technologies

but should i be able to disable the onboard I7 graphics obviously hdmi is from 1650 but seems slow on even opening pages on internet etc

any programs i could download to check if card is functioning ok

running latest nvidia geforce experience drivers

any help would be great


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i5, i7 etc. are just the position in the range and Intel's been using that branding for over a decade so some i7 CPUs are rather slow by modern standards.

Although given that the Unreal series is all older and less demanding games it's probably not the issue here.

What does the performance tab of windows task manager show when you're not doing anything on the PC? If there's high CPU, disk or GPU use then that's a good place to start tracking down the cause.

High memory use too, but it's often less obvious what normal is.


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that the strange thing when not doing anything it seems no high cpu or memory activity


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sorry thanks for reply

ill double check but could see issue with all of them gpu cpu hd or memory

on this unreal program when opening the project it gives a FPS figure and instead of being like 111 it was hovering at 15 or 20

running at 1080 nothing taxing and looking at unreal specs the i7 and 16gb ram 1650 GPU should smash it


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It sounds like your using the Unreal game development engine ? (not the old PC game from which it was born).

A lot of variables in that if so, the Unreal game development forums might know whats going on.

Try any other game that should have a high frame rate or something that uses unreal engine like Fortnite just to see how they run on low settings of course.


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yes game development

ok will try that thanks for your help guys


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My son was complaining about much lower FPS than expected in some games on the new laptop we got him for Christmas with a 1660Ti. It turned out some games were running from the integrated graphics on his Ryzen rather than the GPU. There's a setting in NVidia Control Panel that forces all 3D applications to use the GPU.

It's an option at the top here: (not showing it as I'm on my own desktop with no integrated graphics on my CPU)

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thanks think im gonna do a fresh install as even windows now seems to be slow


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all sorted renewed cpu paste and reinstall windows 10

all working thanks for the tips guys

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