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I have a pc that is currently running Windows MCE and I am eligible for an upgrade to vista premium. My PC has a Pentium 4 3GHZ processor and 1 gig of DDR2 ram. However the graphics are via the nvidia chip on the motherboard. I know that if I want to have the aero glass feature on Vista then I will need a dedicated graphics card. This is where i need some advice. I am not a gamer so I dont need to spend daft money, but I do need a card that will support the vista features and also needs to be good at HD decoding. I was looking at the ATI Raedon 1650pro, you can pick it up for about £75.00 and it seems to fit the bill but as I am a bit of a graphics novice can I have a few opinions.




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Hi there, probably OK. Won't run Aero I suspect but that's just a nice to have in Vista. It also won't do Hi-Def with the current view on software requirements. Just a thought for the future, if you are not going to be looking at Hi-Def seems OK to me.



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Why are you looking to use Vista in an HTPC?

If it's for hidef DVD playback then you must have a HDCP/HDMI compliant gfx card so your choice is pretty much defined since there are not many on the market right now that fully implement this.

If it isn't for hidef then IMHO Vista is a waste of time and money in an HTPC context .. well, it most any other context come to that too. :rolleyes:

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