Graphics card compatibility with Motherboards?

General Skanky

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Is there a site or way of matching cards to boards? I know the agp slot is universal, but from experience that's not always enough.

NVidia's website for example has a performance indicator program, that'll tell you how much better a card would perform in your system, but doesn't state it'll actually work ok.

Also, HP in my case, won't actually recommend anything for fear of being blamed if it's wrong.

I want a card to match a PII Celeron 400MHz cpu and an Asus (and they can't help either:rolleyes:), OEM board from HP, about 3 years old.

Any thoughts?


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Hi General,

The thing I would consider is the AGP 2x or 4x issue if any with a board of that age.

What do you want to use it for? DVD, gaming or general use

General Skanky

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All if poss.
Pref gaming though.

I have a NVidia GForce 4 MX 440 at the mo, (being saved to go into my self build pc), but it's too good for my pc.

So anything that'll do service to this pc to extend it's likespan would be nice. It has onboard 8Mb video which is pretty lame now, ATI.


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I have a NVidia GForce 4 MX 440 at the mo, (being saved to go into my self build pc), but it's too good for my pc

Have you tried it?

General Skanky

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Yes, no joy. It's only detected using load new harware and then even with the latest drivers from NVidia it still shows up with a problem in device manager.

It really needs a PIII min. to work as the book says. I had hoped the agp compliance would be enough. I've had conflicting ideas saying it should or shouldn't work. In the end I've gone down the route of a 'lower' spec card may be the better choice. Hence my question really.

This pc would be great at DVD playback, games (with a better card) and other functions, leaving my newer self build unit to become my primary pc using the NVidia card I have now.

Pack Dude

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did you disable the onboard video card before trying the new one?
but no matter what video card you use all new games will run slow as hell on a PII Celeron 400MHz

General Skanky

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Also set standard vga drivers on re boot, disabled in all hardware etc etc and so on. Trust me, it won't be beaten or tricked into working.:rolleyes:

I was just hoping.

I know it's a slow cpu, but any ideas on what card I could try? Dabs have a few in their bargain bucket at £25 or so like the NVidia GForce 2 64 Mb and the like.


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Geforce 2 GTS should be fine, ran one with my old Duron 650.

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