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Hi, I just need a honest reply to this question, I have given my nvidia bfg 6600gtoc graphics card to my son after he bought a couple of new games for his pc,I am using his ati 9600xt for now but i just dont like it as much as the nvidia ,I was toying with the idea of getting one of the agp silent pipe 6200 or plain 6600 silentpipe , can any owners give me a honest opinion of the performance of thes cards purely for htpc hi-def use. are they really capable?.

My pc specs are amd64 3000+ cpu , 1gb memory, 160gb h/drive and an agp slot.

would really appreciate your experiances with these cards. cheers Mike


Yup they're capable - used with the nVidia decoder they're the current choice (6600 & 6600GT) for HTPC. The 6200 will also be up to the job


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I have the silent pipe card. Be aware that if you have a small case, like a HTPC one or barebones PC, then the card does tend to overheat. This is especially the case with barebones where an addin soundcard is next to the 6600 silent pipe. This will casue severe overheating as you will have a layer of still air nicely insulating the heatsink between your hot soundcard and even hotter 6600... This happened to me. :(



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Yeah, I wanted a silent card, and I used to have a 6800GT, but the card drew too much power from my powersupply, hence the 6600 silent pipe.
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