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I am after a bit of advice, I have just bought myself a new 19" LCD display to replace an old 17" CRT. I bought a Samsung Synchmaster with DVI input. My Graphics card, a geforce4 MX440 does not have DVI out.

I have looked on ebuyer for a new card with DVI out and there are so many available that I am at a bit of a loss. I will mainly be using the pc/display for watching DVD's and downloaded movie clips. I don't play many games and the ones that I do play are not graphics intensive. I have seen both 128mb and 256 mb cards with DVI out and my question is, for my needs is there much to be gained by going with a 256mb card over a 128mb card, bearing in mind that my pc is only a 1600 athlon proccessor with 256mb of DDR and the motherboard is only AGP 2 and 4 compliant.

Thanks in advance for any help.



A 128 MB card would be fine for your system/requirements.



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Kramer gave you the executive summary. :D

For the non-gamer 256mb cards are 100% waste of money, indeed even for most games they're litle more than a willy-wave.

For DVD and video playback humble cards like the ATI 9600 or NVidia 6200 are perfectly capable of producing excellent results, IMHO given your system and display then a 9600 SE will be all you need .. I used one driving a hidef (720p) projector on to a 92" screen, something that looks good on a display that size will be excellent on something smaller. :)


DaveP said:
Might the fact that he has an AGP 4x mobo be a problem?

AGP 4X and 8X cards will work. 4X just has less bandwidth available

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