Grand Wega RPTV



A panny 42" plasma is a long way from £1630.
Unless you know something I dont?
Spill the beans!


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Plasma is a no go for me due to the burn in as I am an avid gamer. I want a big screen and have a small living room (hence the extra space a large CRT takes up is a problem) so the Grand Wega seems like the best priced solution. I also plan on sticking with Scart connections for all my devices.

For me the Grand Wega seems a no brainer and I have yet to hear anyone suggest otherwise. Everybody has to look at the whole package as a solution to their requirements. Rags if you really want PS than perhaps you'll have to continue looking.


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I bought a AE100 projector because it's LCD based. I played shenmue on it via a VGA box from my dreamcast and it was truly amazing with my 5.1 surround system creating dolby prologic 2 surround. I also played Half Life on dc and again very immersive.

LCD is the gamers friend.

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