Granada plus cut off Columbo


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I was watching Columbo this afternoon with the rest of my family which started at 3.30 pm. At about 4.50 pm it went into some weird stuff about errol flynn and some other actor, with sherlock holmes starting at 5 pm. The ens of Columbo was not shown i.e the best bit . No apology or explanation we all wasted 1 and a half hours of our sunday afternoon:mad:

Anyone else notice this?


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Sounds like their Master Tape was faulty, and didn't have the full episode of Columbo on it. Phone Granada Plus or e-mail them via the following link... http://www.plustv.co.uk/letters/index.php3

If no one brings this issue to their attention, then any and all repeat transmissions will have the same problem.

Granada Plus will normally be grateful for your assistance, as I have helped them out before, with issues on "Magnum PI" and "LA Law".

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