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Grammar argument


My wife's doing a poster for a fun day.
This is the wording she was going to use:

Tombolas, games, plants, raffles and many, many more.

Now, I have an issue with the 'many, many more'
Without specifics of what they are (ie, it doesn't say stands), should she use 'many, many more'?
I feel it's a case of Many, many more what?
Shouldn't it be 'much, much more'?


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Id have gone for 'many, many more stands' as you suggested or 'much, much more'


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I am by no means an expert on these things, far from it, but much, much more would be what I would use.


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'Much' would be better.

I'd probably whack a capital letter on each one of the activities too.

Also, I'd lose the sentence and just use bullet points or bullet points separating the activities. After the bullet points I'd put '......and so much more'

Or something.


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much, much more ....
or Tombolas, games, plants, raffles and many, many more fun activities.....
Or just add Beer Tent in the Mix and all is good....:smashin:


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"Look darling, I have consulted a bunch of strangers on the internet.....They all say you are WRONG"

Good luck with that ;)


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Depending on whether the tombola is free to enter, I would say it was overkill to have both a raffle and a tombola at the same fun day.


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I would have went for...

Tombolas, games, plants, raffles, and much, much more.

i am disregarding your opinion by the fact you say ' i would have went for ' ;)

you should be on match of the day ;)


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remember... cake is a made up drug

still cant believe they all fell for it. loved brass eye and day today

jimmy greaves... saint and greevsey was THE footy show when i was growing up


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I'll never forget Richard Blackwood sniffing the keyboard " I'm feeling more suggestible already".

Oh, and that poor elephant.

Right, where can I score some funky backpack to take my mind off this badaids.

Deleted member 898655

Have you not learnt yet, just agree with the wife, life's so much more fun if you do.

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