Grado SR325is Headphone Review

groucho marx

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owned a pair of these, excellent quality and superb value for money,better than a bose equivalent and way way ahead of those dr dre noise makers, only sold them to buy the rs2 grados which are very similar but a touch more bass and slightly refined treble,


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Nice review and in line with my findings. I've owned the 325is a while now and they are superb, the openness of the open back design is bang on. As mentioned they leak sound like anything so mine are used purely at home, more for a change from my speakers than anything.

They may be a tad on the Brit side for some tastes but they do well to retrieve maximum detail with having a nice balanced sound across the range, very open midrange which is excellent for acoustic and vocals. Bass doesn't dig as deep as some rivals but is there, very tight as you'd expect from a headphone, reminds me of acoustic energy speakers in that respect.

For home use theses are brilliant, for commuting I favour some IEM from Shure but if you can live with the sound leakage these are a great option. For anyone wanting these that can't afford them I find the Sr80s the second from bottom in the rage a real sweet point in terms price performance ration. They retain much of the performance of the 325s, similar house sound but a slightly more laid back presentation and at a fraction of the cost.

jacob staunton

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Heard the 125i's and was blown away would love to listen to these, i personally cant see how you can get better. Unless you spent alot more money.


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I used to own several pairs of 325i (and 'is'), and also their brothers, the Alessandro MS2 and MS2i.

The *only* reason I sold them was that they were the most uncomfortable headphones imaginable. I tried different pads, and all sorts of things, but the foam acted like sandpaper on my ears, and after more than 30 minutes listening the pain became unbearable.

Shame as sonically they were fantastic, and incredibly easy to drive from even a simple portable amp, unlike my current Beyer DT990 600ohm customs which take something beefier. Then again, I can wear they Beyers for hours without a hint of discomfort.

I do find the pricing to be offensive though. I used to grey import mine from the US because I could get them 50% cheaper than the UK. They don't make much sense at their UK price points IMHO.

I can only imagine I have sensitive ear skin or something, which wouldn't surprise me as I have to use sensitive shampoo, facewash, and finish off with E45, otherwise I'm in facial agony! :D

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