Grado have Top-of-the Range In-Ear Phones For You


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In their never ending quest to be bring pleasure to your ears, Grado - manufacturers of great repute, unleash their GR10's for your aurul edification.

The New York outfit promise a higher level of engineering precision and new materials will lower distortion and extend the frequency response at both ends of the audio spectrum. Boasting a true in-ear design, the GR10's dainty form will allow it to nestle well within the ear canal, hopefully boosting bass performance as well as reducing unwanted noise pollution from pesky kids and the like.

Tony Jones, Grado's Product Manager at their UK distributors, Armour Home, says, "Grado's primary goal is always to produce headphones which will be faithful to the music and provide listeners with a truly enjoyable sonic experience. The new GR10 in-ear phones are another wonderful product that can only enhance Grado's reputation for making the very best."

Well we hope so because, with a suggested retail price of £400, they're fairly expensive for in-ears but if past performance is a good baromoter, they may well deliver. Just be sure to remember where you leave them after you take them off!

They're available now from Grado authorised dealers.
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Real world reviews not yet available given how new they are but early impressions at least indicate Grado have listened to feedback on the GR8


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Yeah top tier universal IEM and heading into custom territory are not cheap. I do expect a few quid knocked off RRP by retailers on launch but maybe not much more for a while

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