Gradients in video look like ****




Just bought a Play V371H and hooked it up to my pc with a DVI->HDMI cable.
The solution is 1366x768@60Hz.
The windows desktop looks nice and crisp.
But when I'm playing a DVD Gradients look terrible, for instance to menu in 'The Incredibles' is a red to black gradient and it is 'blocky' (don't know the technical term) as if it was compressed too much like LQ divx.

Can this be a problem with the TV or do I just need to get a better videocard and mpeg-decoder?

Please don't use swear word in the title of a thread, it's not big and it's not cleaver, anyway it would help if provided with spec's of the pc, video card...etc.

@ title: duely noted; it was what i came up with in a hurry.

my comps are a Core2 [email protected] + 8800GTX and a P4 2.4GHz + an old Quadro card with newest drivers and bios etc.

Also, Company of Heroes (game) looks great on the tv.

It is called posterization.
i would say,more than likely,its the panel..
one thing to check would be that you have the pc set up for 32 bit colour,in the display settings.

"Posterization occurs when an area of smooth colour transition is rendered as an abrupt colour change instead of a smooth, sequential transition. The resultant visual effect is that of an abrupt "step" in the image. "

this link,has a couple of images(probably worse than your condition though),showing what it can look like:
THe other thing to check is that you have all the bells and whistles in the telly set up menu switched off. A similar effect was seen on my Sony untill I turned off all the computer jiggery pokery, Brightness & contrast enhancers colour boosters etc.

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