Grade A refurbished TCL QLED TV


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Hello, I am hoping that someone with knowledge of LED panels can give me a bit of advice. A few days ago, I took delivery of a Grade A refurbished TCL QLED TV. However, it has a slight fault, a noticeable vertical line down the centre of the screen, the tones or colours are slightly different on each half. It is not obvious and only really shows up during images featuring large grey tones. The price was very good, and I have been offered a £30 refund if I keep the TV which has a year’s warranty. My question is what are the chances of this odd problem getting worse? I realise the I could be asking a, ‘how long is a piece of string’ type question. Any advice from someone who works with panels or has experienced similar would be gratefully received.

Thanks 😊


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Send it back. It won't get any better.

Fred Smith

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And it's not an OLED!


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You haven't said where you bought it, but I doubt the definition of a Grade A refurb includes the possibility of a faulty screen ! The sooner you reject it and arrange to get it returned, the easier it will be to get your money back. If you bought it online, you have a two week window to return it, whatever the reason. I wouldn't even think about keeping it with a fault like that.

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