Question Gracefully Shutting Down 2 Items on Single APC UPS


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Hi All,

Had a quick look on the APC forum, but couldn't find an up to date answer.

I just bought an APC BE700G-UK unit primarily to plug my NAS into, but also my laptop and other kit would benefit from the power surge protection etc. When i opened the box it had a copy of "Powerchute" which i read is software to load onto my laptop to allow it to gracefully shut down in the event of an outage which would also be good.

Would i be able to add a USB hub and connect both? It didn't seem likely, but thought i would ask.


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I actually work for a competing manufacturer to APC in the UPS industry, and so whilst i don't have direct experience with Powerchute, it is essentially all the same stuff as we offer.

Basically, the auto-shutdown features of software like this requires an operating system of some type.
Your laptop will of course be fine as it's (more than likely) Windows based.
However, any other devices like NAS's are more difficult as they don't have an OS that you can install the software on.

The issue around communicating with the UPS though via USB hub is not something that typically works.
There's no harm in trying, but i doubt it will work (i know it doesn't with most UPS').
Most people who have multiple devices to shutdown like this have a UPS with SNMP connectivity so they can connect via their LAN rather than USB.

An alternative maybe a script that shuts down the NAS (or other devices) from the PC.
You should then be able to set the Powerchute software to trigger your script before then shutting down the PC.

Hope that helps?


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I love this forum, i get an answer before the dedicated APC one!!

Thanks for taking the time to give me a detailed answer. I bought on the strength of a couple of Synology owners saying it worked fine with there units, but i will look into doing the script and get the benefit of powering down both.

Thanks again.


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It may well work... it's just not a typical setup within the industry to be honest (most IT teams don't really have to worry about shutting down as they have longer battery runtimes combined with generator support).

What NAS do you have? It may be worth looking if you can install 3rd party software on to it... Most NAS's are running a form of Linux and so there's a chance you could do it.

Thinking about it - you may be able to do the USB thing if you get the right USB hub. Worth a try i suppose, but again for multiple devices people generally move over to SNMP.

Your biggest challenge though, like i say, is getting the Powerchute software on to the NAS.

The 'script' idea will probably be your better option - i know in our software you can set it up to trigger a script when it detects a power failure, and so i presume the Powerchute can also do this.


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It's a Synology 1515+, i'll give the USB hub a try and also the script and see what works.

I used to work for a Data Centre company, so you think i would know was in the marketing dept though!


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Thanks for those.. there are quite a few, so i'll give the hub a go first and see how we get on.


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