Grabbed by the ghoulies

kirk grubb

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Hi all,
I'm sure i've read some where that if you complete grabbed by the ghoulies you will be able to play atic atac?
I have completed the game but i havn't unlocked atic atac.
Do i have to complete all the challenges?

Prob just dreamt atic atac bonus,but hey,what a game that was in its day!

hope someone can help.
Nope, there's no mini-game to unlock. I don't have the game but looked at a walkthrough for you.


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What's your impression of Goulies?

Just so I can judge if I have the same taste...What other type of games do you like?

kirk grubb

Active Member
Cheers for checking for me - i like it cube.

I found ghoulies pretty enjoyable.I would give it 7.5 out of 10. Everytime i got stuck on a scene i just wanted to have 1 more go to try and complete.
It did take me a while though to finish this game,certainly harder than what i thought it would be.

I enjoy most genres of games apart from rts & rpg's.Couldn't even get to enjoy star wars kotor.

Crash bandicoot is a favourite of mine along with alot of other platformers.

If you buy the game, hope you enjoy it.

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