GPU upgrade for mini system

im trying to get a hold of a gpu for my girlfreinds system (acer x3200) its got a measly 220 watt psu and was wondering what the max card i could put in there was (low pro)

read on a forum that someone had a 5570 running on it fine but wasnt sure and thought i would ask here first, i was just gonna bung the system in a spare case i had and beef up the psu with one i had lying about but the girlfreind likes her "cute pc" :rolleyes:

cheers for any replys guys

Greg Hook

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Also depends what the CPU is. If it only has a 220w PSU, then chances are it is a basic system. Putting a newer graphics card in may see no benefit as the CPU may bottleneck it.


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be very carefull when upgrading these type of machines, I had one and purchased a low profile card and after a while no advanced card would work in it plus you have the PSU problem as they are very hard to get and not many have a high power output and it uses a mini atx power clip.


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I googled it and it said it had a phenom 8450 2.1ghz and a 8600 256mb.
Could probably stick something bit better in it and be fine just gotta watch the power.
Take it she want to game on it? If not then would just leave it, may not get it much better on that psu.
have managed to convince her the small case is gonna hold her back when upgrading so its now going in a bigger case and a good ol 8800 gts is gonna go in there for it, should be a noticeable difference straight away i hope

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