GPU cooling advice (in Silverstone LC20 case)


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I have just bought a SilverStone LC20s case to build an HTPC system for my father, into which I have fitted a GA-E7AUM-DS2H mATX motherboard (which has an onboard 9400GT GPU). – (installation also includes an LG BR player, E7400 dual core processor with a fanless mini ninja, 2 GB RAM and a Corsair 520W silent PSU).

When I got the case I realised that it didn’t include the case fans (this has passed me by). So I have used the fan that is supplied with the mini ninja as a case fan for the time being.

The system is very quiet indeed and the CPU temperature is only at about 38 degrees after 2 hours of running with only the one case fan. The PSU is so quiet I didn’t believe it was switched on until the monitor showed the boot screen!

The problem is that the heatsink for the onboard GPU is very hot indeed (I am not convinced that the design of the heatsink is that good to be honest and although castellated, it doesn’t have a massive surface area and is fitted 90 degrees rotated from what I expect the general airflow direction would be). Anyhow, after 2 hours of running, I took the case lid of and although the general temperature inside the case was very low (around 30-35 degrees estimated), when I touched the GPU heatsink, it was too hot to touch for more than 2 seconds!

I took the lid of my case (a far older system, but also has a fanless 9400GT – albeit a PCI-e card installation) and touched the heatsink from that after it had been running for roughly the same duration and it was also very hot, but definitely cooler than the new system.

After all of that – my questions:

- Is this too hot – what sort of temperature do other people’s GPU heatsinks sit at?
- Does anyone else have this mobo and had this problem – if it is a problem that it?
- Clearly additional case cooling will help, but will it really make much of a difference when the air temperature inside the case did not seem to be all that hot anyway?
- What case fans are recommended for this case and how much do they cost?
- Would it be quieter and more efficient to keep my one case fan and to install something like a Northbridge fan onto the GPU heatsink to directly cool it?
- Any other suggestions or comments?

Thanks all


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So there is just one fan inside the case?

What size can the LC20 take, 80mm? How many including the heatsink do you need?

If 80mm, I use the Sharkoon Golfballs, which have shot upo in price to around £10ea from the £4 or so I paid, but Nocturas and SWILF? (Razor likes these ones) are also very good. For cheaper ones, look at Xilence.

4044951008629 - 80mm Sharkoon "Golf Ball" Silent Eagle SE fan Quiet Case Fan inc 4x Speed Cable Set -

Quiet PC UK - Ultra-Quiet 80mm Fans

Check the sticky for what kind of thing to look for.

And now for my staple pic, that I trot out everytime someone asks about fans....tadadada!



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Yes, just one fan in the case! Not ideal I know, but as I say, the case air temperature is very low.

I suppose that may get worse when I try to do something more demanding like playing an HD video!


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I have installed some new fans on my computer (which has definitely brought down the temperature) and have installed an app which tells me that my GPU temperature is between 60-65 degrees C when in operation (CPU is rock steady at 38 degrees C).

Where can I find out what the maximum permitted temp for the GPU is. It isn't in the manual anywhere and I can not find it on the Giga Byte website.





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You can fit 2 80mm fans into an LC20 at the rear of the case and there is a space about 3/4 that you could potentially fit a third (possibly an intake depending on your setup

Ive got 2 80mm noctuas in my LC20 along with Zalman 9700 CPU cooler

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