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Morning all. I'm heading back to pc gaming after a very long time abroad in console land. I am in the process of speccing up a new rig and I would like to know whether a secondhand gtx 970 3gb would be bettered by a new gtx 1060 6gb. I am being told not but welcome you to bring your esteemed knowledge to bear. Ta.


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GTX 970s only came in 4GB sizes, not 3GB.

The GTX 1060 will be a bit faster, but not a noticeable amount.

Although personally for gaming I'd be going for an RX 570/480 unless you're willing to shell out the extra for a G-sync monitor (or gaming on a TV/Protector that doesn't support variable refresh rate at all). Freesync will be noticeable over not having it.


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With the price of new cards I would definitely be looking for either a 970 or 980, both will cope really well with 1080p gaming.


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The only difference here is power consumption and VR. The 1060 is better is both regards, but particularly if you intend to run VR stuff (as there's some new tech ways of doing 2 eyes at once in it). Otherwise the *70 always beats the *60 unless the cards are very old (eg a 670 would not compare too well)

TomsHardware has a table of roughly relative performance.

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