GPS Smartwatch with music for running

Discussion in 'Wearables Tech - Fitness & Smartwatch Forum' started by Lancia34, Nov 21, 2016.

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    So I did post in the Apple Watch forum as the Series 2 does seem to fit the bill but wanted to see what other options\recommendations there are :)

    Basically this is for the wife who doesn't like running with her phone so wants a single all in one replacement watch that does the following:

    - GPS
    - Music
    - Bluetooth headphones
    - Nike+ compatible

    The Nike + is not essential it's just she's used that for years but of course it does limit choices and I'd think she'd be fine using another app.
    I've been Googling and reading reviews but so many GPS watches just seem to be fitness and nothing else and then the smartwatches don't have GPS so have to take a phone as well(!)

    Any recommendations? The Apple Series 2 does look good but was wondering if there was something a bit cheaper as it is very over priced.

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