GPRS PCMCIA Card for laptop Internet on the road


I'm thinking of getting a GPRS PCMCIA card for my Laptop so that I can surf the net and collect my emails on the road using the GPRS network.

All the major networks have a different makes of cards.

There are currently good deals and Data tariffs with some networks (for example Orange has unlimited data for £25/month on a SonyEricson GC75 priced at £69.99)

Anyone can recommend any of the cards/tariffs? Also, is it easy to ulock these cards in case I decide to change networks? (I'm assuming they come SIM locked)

Comments appreciated.

Doubelspresso :smashin:


Sorry that i cant answer your questions, but im interested in the same thing. So on the likes of that orange tariff, does that mean you can surf the net for as long as you like, free of charge? What is the speed like?


Orange's GPRS data tariff is £25/month for first 12 months (then goes up) unlimited traffic, subject to fair usage - whatever that means! offer is till 31st March

Apparently speed is comparable to a fast dial-up but I am not sure..

Anybody out there can add to this?


richard plumb

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do the cards come with sims, or do you need a duplicate sim?

Can't you use your phone as a modem? Either via IR (not great) or bluetooth/cable?
the cards come with their own SIM and number. They are treated as a separate account.

Of course you can use your phone as a modem but you will get the much slower speed that GSM offers. GPRS is much faster plus is "always on" no need to dial up.

Once you stick the PC card with the SIM inside it, the laptop BECOMES The phone! In fact you can even make phone calls and send SMS using the keybaod and the mic/speakers.

The whole thing is managed with software that comes with the Data Card. (you install on your PC before inserting the card)



ahhhh right..... that sounds seriously cool! Presumable things like making calls and sms actually are additional to the monthly charge?

maybe a silly question, but these are 2g networks..... is the 3g network offering anything better? Like increased speed or anything?

Originally posted by buns
ahhhh right..... that sounds seriously cool! Presumable things like making calls and sms actually are additional to the monthly charge?

Exactly!! :clap:

As for 3G, I guess you are right but dunno much about it...

maybe someone else can fill us in?




what u need to use is the Nokia D211, it is a multimode radio card for your compatible portable computer that enables network access through GPRS, HSCSD, and wireless LAN networks.,8764,18189,00.html

available in all good nokia stores :)

or try your nearest nokia business value added dealer


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