GP4 on XBOX cancelled!?


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Have just read on the Special Reserve web site that Geoff Crammond GP4 has been shelved for the XBOX. What is going on?

Since buying the xbox at launch I have not touched my PS2 and had become a convert. Almost every weekend we have been playing deathmatch and cooperative on HALO. However I am now looking to buy a second game for the Xbox, Turok got poor reveiws, and I am a keen F1 fan so have been really looking forward to GP4.

I am very rapidly going off consoles, this summer has been very poor for new "cuttingedge" games.

So come on console developers/manufacturers if you really want my money produce something worthy of it. The hardware produced by Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft is excellent these days, but with no new games to play on them it is rapidly becoming pointless and dusty sat in the corner.

As I have not bought any games for a while my savings pot is quite healthy, so instead of purchasing games I think I will buy a load of DVD's or upgrade my Hi-Fi, which means that all you developers have missed out on my money. I have spent thousands over the past few years supporting your products, now you are going to miss out on thousands over the fourthcoming years.

Everything I read I see people commenting how it is going to be a very bright future for the Xbox and consoles in general, well the future is all very well and good, but I would like some new games NOW, not in three months.

Rant over, feel better now.


John Jennings

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The entire GP4 studio has been closed down by Infogrames (thanks Bruno!). If it's just the X-box version that's canned, I'm guessing that it was the version that was 'least complete', so isn't fincancially 'worth' completing.

A lot of publishers are already dropping X-box releases from their schedule following the awful sales in Japan (and to a lesser extent Europe).....

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