GOW Any one for GOW co-op


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looking to have a go as DOM in Gears

anyone up for this ???


I'll be up for this as I would like to get the achievements for completing the game. Just drop me an invite and we can get it done when we're both available :thumbsup:


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I need to do acts 2,3 & 4 as Dom. So if anyone needs a partner, gimme a yell. More than happy to swap the host/guest roles after so we can both get the score.


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Is there any way of telling how much you've done as dom?
I randomly joined loads of games a while back mainly because i enjoyed playing co-op. I was feeling the urge for a bit of GOW mission action and thought i might as well fill in the gaps and get my fix while picking up the Dom achievement at the same time.
That's the only non ranked achievement i've not got (i'll never get those others cos there are too many arses on ranked)


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pookyb add away

everyone else is on my list

no idea if you can tell how far you have got though

probably on casual so we can wiz through it



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I think you can tell what you have done

just check your previous chapters and check the 'wings'



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im on insane at the end where raam is so if anyone wants to help me beat the pesky bugger feel free to let me know.

ill give u a whirl with it if u wnat m8


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yeah i need to do some parts a dom, cant remmber which ones:) so anyone wants i will play through again, the single player campaign is good craic either way.

Deleted member 152499

Would love to do some co-op, but I've got major problems with 'Disc is unreadable'......I'm towards the end of Act 4, but the thing won't even load now when I choose 'Continue Campaign' :suicide:

So that's me not completing the campaign then....anyone with any suggestions?? One idea I've had: *cough* rent the game from Blockbuster and swap disks *cough*


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Lee get swoping and i'm ready to be a DOM

would be playing during the evenning or early is on weekends


Fen Star

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mon or weds evenning is good for me


Yeah i will help you mate i'm pretty crap though....just let me know when and what time...:smashin:


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thx again Fenstar now I have been dominated :D

so i'm available for hosting a co-op game if anyone else wants a bash

a quick question if your playing as DOM do you also get the achievements when an Act is finished or just the co-op ones ????


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