GOW 2 - Annoying me!


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Okay, I bought GOW2: Special Tin Edition after Christmas, and have been slowly ploughing through the game. So far, so good. Fun game, nice and violent, quite hard (for me, at least, even though I'm playing in dopey-eyed newbie setting), but I'm now at Act 4, I think, and it seems to be getting ridiculously stupid!

I've got to the part, where I'm leading Marcus and Co, into the Queen's Nexus/Janus compound, and it appears that some of the fights are ridiculously stupid and/or impossible.

1) The fight between you and the river-monster/thing, whilst it attacks your boat: You have to try and detonate 3 frag grenades down it's throat! I tried it numerous times, but it always kept killing me and eating the boat. Eventually, through sheer chance, I killed it, but it was - if you pardon the pun - a very hit-and-miss challenge, to say the least.

2) Later on, you have to battle a gigantic Reaver (?) creature, after you meet it and the Queen for the first time. She buggers off, and leaves two of you to fight this thing, whilst it crashes chandeliers and stalctites onto you, and disappearing. Again, I managed to eventually beat it, but only by sheer luck and chance, rather than any actual talent or skill on my part. :(

3) Finally, flying one of those tentacled monsters, whilst heading for a city, and battling with other tentacled flying monsters attacking you. Controlling these creatures, is nigh impossible, in my view. :mad: There appears to be no actual way of controlling them properly, nor any clue as to who you are suppossed to be attacking! :(

I've got to the point now, where the game has become so frustratingly silly, and pointless, that I want to give it up. That can't be right, can it?!



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Whilst I agree the parts you mention are difficult to complete; it is easier on co-op to get through these parts.

In my humble opinion; it is still a great game.

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