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Got Wifi Network - Need Wifi Speakers

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Blakey, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Blakey


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    I have Wifi enabled PCs and PPCs and a Wifi Network at home. All my PCs and PPCs have mp3 files on them. What I want is a simple solution which enables me to connect a PC/PPC to a set of Wifi speakers and have the mp3 play through those speakers.

    For example: if I had a normal USB projector I could attach it to my laptop and show pics through it. If I had a Wifi projector I could connect that to my laptop and show pics through it. If I had a standard set of speakers, I could connect them into the speaker port of my laptop and play sounds through them. I want to do exactly the same sort of thing, but wirelessly.

    I do not wish to have an amplifier involved if possible. I do not wish to make things complex. I do not wish to have my PC talk to my stereo. I simply want a set of speakers which are Wifi enabled and which any Wifi PC could connect to and play music through.

    I have looked at the Roku Soundbridge which almost does what I want, but equally does too much and not enough. It does too much as it deals with Internet Radio and play lists and stuff - I want to do all that on the PC itself. And it doesn't do enough in that it requires speakers to be attached to it.

    Is this sort of thing feasible?

    To put it into perspective, I am not after stunning audio quality - the sort you get out of normal desktop PC speakers will be fine - but I want to be able to stick them in a corner of my room and play music on them from the otherside of the room, using my laptop.

    Many thanks
  2. jsap

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    Jan 17, 2005
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    as long as you don't mind using itunes to play your music Airport Express sounds like its what you need.

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