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Got the money and permission to spend it.



Hi Guys
I am looking to buy a LCD TV and am very confused and would appreciate any help you can offer,at the moment I have a 32" CRT in a room 4.5 mts by 3.5 mts with a viewing distance of 3 mts.
New tv will be used to watch SD progs and HD movies, I would also like a decent sound and speaker setup so will need to take connections into account


If u watch alot of SD then ur size is 32" go any higher and u'd be better off with a blender (much cheaper but offers same picture quality on SD). 1080p and SD dont go.

for best 32inch LCD look in the forums u'll see alot of


post in that forum if u got a lower budget just specify and I am sure someone will reply.

MEMBER a good quality 720p set is better than a cheap 1080p set as tempting as they are SD looks appauling on them ...........but thats ur choice in the end


For that viewing distance I would get at least a 37.

MEMBER a good quality 720p set is better than a cheap 1080p

SD still looks great at 1080p, watched a few movies recently and they almost look HD. And that were NTSC DVD's. Of course at 6" you can tell they're not HD, but step back and you don't see slightly amount of pixellation.

Regardless a 720P set will still have DVD upscaling, to get 1:1 you'll need two panels, 720x480 and 720x576 for each type.

As for sound, route everything through your AV amp then onto TV. Only send video directly to TV.


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From 3m back, I would recommend at least a 40" screen, and larger if High Definition is a priority. Unfortunately, the viewing distances (or screen size, depending on how you look at it) for SD and HD vary dramatically.

For 1080p at 10ft back you would ideally be using a 90" screen, for example, which would mean looking at projectors. (this is why most people need to stop worrying about whether or not a display is 1080p native)

With SD on a good panel I'd say anything up to 52" would be acceptable at 10ft. However, most LCDs don't do a great job of it, so if SD is a priority I'd realistically be looking at 40-46" screens. The 40D3000 would be a good choice as it should handle SD fairly well, and is a good price for what you're getting.

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