Got one!


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Well I'm over here in Florida and after searching around for nearly 2 weeks I happened to pop into a local Gamestop store in the Florida Mall and the manager remembered me.

Welcomed me back, asked me what I was after - told him still on the hunt and he gave me the news that 3 had just come in.

Of course I bought one. And Resistance. Would have been rude not to! Total cost - $700 including tax - about 375 quid!

Another week here, I can kick back and enjoy now!


I’m jealous :D.


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That's a flippin' bargain!

I know! The guy was selling x2 within 1 minute of each other, the one I originally went for, went over $425, so I left it and went on his other auction and it was at $355, I went upto $367 and won in the last second! Shipping is $75 so its worked out really cheap...even if I get charged with customs! Just hope the seller commits to the sale and doesn't make up some woeful excuse!!



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Would wait until you have it before being to happy.:)


Just paid for it now, worked out at £230 through Paypal's currency rate, so not bad at all. The seller has decent feedback and has sold a few PS3's and Wii's, so hopefuly It'll all work out O.K.


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Home now... Boo!

Would rather be in the sun! However when I get around to unpacking I'll fire the machine up.

Just checked my CC statement - Total for 60gb PS3 and Resistance was £368.


Found an extra controller for $39 so about 20 quid.

Target were selling some PS3 games at £39.99 also until Saturday. Nothing I fancy yet though..

Bought some Blu-Ray movies, and also picked up a HD-DVD player for my 360.

Great holiday - mission accomplished!

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