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Got one - Sharp LC-30HV4E

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by iandrews, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. iandrews

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    Jul 17, 2003
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    Just got myself a Sharp LC-30HV4E, got it last Tuesday from Digital Direct but due to the lounge being decorated have only had it set up for a few days, and then it's only SKY and the video at the moment.

    You may remember that I was going to get it from Letsgodigital, who were very helpful, but just didn't have any in stock. Anyway about 3 weeks ago I noticed that Digital Direct had dropped their price to £2160 + £35 delivery (which is the cheapest I had seen). I called them and they said they had them in stock so I ordered one. I was a bit sceptical as all the other places that had it at around £2200 didn't have any in stock, but apart from the delivery taking 2 weeks (I had to chase them after a week, but they got back to me quickly saying that the paperwork had been misplaced in the warehouse, and give me a firm delivery date) there were no problems at all.

    From what I have seen of it so far I am very pleased and I haven't done any tweaking of the settings yet. Blacks look black enough to me, and I haven't noticed any blurring on fast action. I don't get a very good picture from my aerial (a communal one) so can't really say how good the built in tuner picture is, but on the better channels it looks OK. I had my DVD connected very quickly and the picture looked great. There did however seem to be some ghosting of a TV signal present but I suspect that was down to me using my cheap scart leads, so after reading good comments about them on these forums I got some Thor scart leads from http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Main_Index/Aerials_Index/Thor_All/index.html I phoned up one of TLC's London stores that delivered to my postcode area, ordered them at 11:30am, and they arrived 5:00pm the next day, great service.

    I haven't had time to connect up the DVD player with the Thor lead yet, but I have set up SKY. The picture looks very good, especially on the higher bit rate channels, but even the lower ones (such as some of the music channels) look good, much better then some of the Philips 30" LCD screens I have seen in Comet and Dixon's, the picture on them just looked so blocky, and digital looking.

    What's the best way to tweak the colour settings. I have a THX optimiser on a couple of DVD's (Star Wars and Toy Story I think) but what's right for one input may not be for the other. Anyone else out there got the Sharp who wants to tell me how and what they did.

    PS. Brought it on Barclaycard for their price promise, and am in the process of getting an Egg card with 0% on balance transfers until April 2004 to transfer the balance to.

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