Got My Pioneer436xde Today!



Well after LOADS of dilly and dallying about I finally got my 436 today, WOW what a tv! Once you have this baby in your crib it makes a WHOLE lot of difference.

Initial viewing of dtv is brilliant, crisp and fluid.
XBOX looks fantastic through RGB scart.
Not tried dvd yet (through component with a Sony 735dvp)

Everything about the tv exudes quality, finish, sturdiness, build, etc. Got the swivel stand and the side speakers although not attaching them for now.

So all in all a very happy man!

And for all those unsure whether to buy this sexy piece of kit, do wont be disappointed!
I have had mine on order for about a month now, I cannot wait to get it.
eonone & Russell, I am interested in where you ordered your from.

I ordered mine from LeConcepts and have just been informed of my first delay. I was quoted 2 weeks.

Cheers Guys
id ordered mine from sevenoaks, its been a week now, and im told its going to be another, Grrr. If im told next week its any more, ill cancel the order and go elsewhere, i know somewhere thirty miles away that had them in stock to take away, well they did last week when i placed my order! They probably dont now.
Isn't that always the way when you want a new toy!!!
Mine was ordered from av-sales and they have no idea when they will be getting them in.
Yeah, pics of it with the Xbox through Scart would be good
going to have a look at this tomorrow as my dad is going to buy one - I am really jealous as I cannot afford one and would love to have my xbox and soon to be xbox 360 through this!
I got mine 2 weeks ago from av-land, excellent service, delivered on a Saturday evening.
I would definitely recommend this screen to anyone, as you can see in the attachment, I have mine wall mounted and it looks great.


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Ill put pics on tom...:)

Any ide how I connect my pc up to the plasma, my connector at the moment goes from pc to a component connection in the monitor, so what cable do I need??

It says PC rgb cable in the manual...never heard of it

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