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Got My PAC Code, Is It Still Valid


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I'm on Contract with O2 (Carphone Warhouse is my service provider)

I'm due for renewal and they offered me nothing to make me stay so I asked for my PAC code, which they gave me on Monday 21st Nov.

I signed up for a new SIM only contract with Talk Mobile, and they said they were sending me a new SIM in the post, and that my number will be transferred in approx 4 days.

The following morning, the SIM arrived, but I changed my mind and found a better contract deal elsewhere with T-Mobile. I called up Talk Mobile to cancel the contract as I was no longer interested and they said fine.

Now, what I want to know, is my PAC code still valid from O2 or has it somehow been used by Talk Mobile, and the fact i've cancelled my contract with them now, mean my PAC is gone?

Or can I just use the same PAC code when taking out a new contract?

Or do I have to request a new PAC code from O2 my current provider. I have not yet informed O2 I am leaving them and my number still works on my O2 contract.

Nobody seems to be helpful on the phone and are giving less than clear information on the matter.


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Your PAC code should still be valid as it hasn't actually been used. Once the PAC is used, your O2 number would stop working. Given that it's still active, your PAC code should also still be active.

Aslo, when you got the new SIM from T-Mobile, I'm guessing you never activated it because you found a better deal. Hence, T-Mob wouldn't be able to transfer your O2 number across until the new SIM was active so the PAC should still be valid.


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Many thanks for the reply.

I did however get a text message on my O2 SIM this morning, saying my number is due to be ported on 25/11/2011 which is tomorrow so not sure if somehow still in the system is the PAC transfer to the SIM that I have not activated.

I dont want to sign upto a new contract to find I cannot port my number across to it, so perhaps I should wait until tomorrow to see if my O2 SIM is still active?


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Well if they port your number to the T-Mob SIM that is subsequently cancelled, you will lose your number. I would call O2 to confirm to them that you are not porting your number and have cancelled it from the T-Mob end.

Did you activate the T-Mob SIM? If not, I don't see how your number can be ported.


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Finally managed to speak to a helpful chap at Carphone Warehouse after requesting to speak to a manager.

Confirmed TalkMobile contract is cancelled, and that PAC transfer is cancelled and that current PAC code is no longer valid and they will issue me a new PAC code within 24-48hrs which I can then use to join a new network if I choose.

It was all done through Carphone Warehouse - they manage my O2 contract, and Talk Mobile (not T-Mobile) is run by Carphone Warehouse on the Vodafone network.

I didn't activate my SIM, but it was good that I called to get them to stop the PAC transfer or I would have possibly lost my number by them porting it to a non existant / cancelled contract.​


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OK I think I need more help!

What happened yesterday, is my O2 mobile phone was cut off (ie: The PAC transfer went through) despite my earlier call with CPW.

When I call my own number it says, The TalkMobile user is not availible, so it has definetely ported to Talk Mobile.

I do not have a contract with TalkMobile - although they did send me a SIM card.

I spoke to someone from CPW yesterday, and he said they shouldn't have cut you off, but dont worry, you can use the same PAC code and transfer to another network and keep your number.

I dont really know if this is true.

I am about to to a transfer to GIFFGAFF using this PAC code to see if it works. They usually do it next day from experience.

My question, should I put the talk mobile SIM into a phone to activate it? The guy at the carphone warehouse said not to do this, as they will then have to generate a new PAC code for me.

I am not sure how true this is, and if my original PAC code will still work, as that was the PAC from O2 (although managed by CPW) and my current provider (TalkMobile) is also managed by Carphone Warehouse

I do not want to lose my number, i've had it for 10+ years. I'm getting stressed out here!


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A tale full of contradictions here :rolleyes:

CPW first say the TalkMobile contract is cancelled and that the current PAC code is no longer valid and they will issue you a new PAC code to join a new network.

They then say you can use the same PAC code (that was supposed to have been cancelled and is no longer valid) and use this to transfer to another network to keep your number.

I would do as the guy said and not activate the SIM and wait to get the number ported to GiffGaff. Once the TalkMobile SIM is active, he's right, you would need a new PAC to move to GiffGaff. Whether or not your existing PAC from O2 works, I don't know since it seems to have been used.

In short, I don't see how they can have used your O2 PAC to port your O2 number to an inactive Talk Mobile SIM :confused:


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I believe what happened is the CPW guy said he reversed the PAC code, not something i've heard of, but he mentioned that the system generated the same PAC for this.

No doubt I will find out if GiffGaff successfully manage to port my number onto their network.

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