Got my new Pio 434 but got a few questions?


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Feb 10, 2004
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Okay I took delivery of my new PDP-434HDE on Tuesday. What a lovely piece of kit this is. I have to say my initial impression of the picture quality is very good, even for UHF terrestrial TV which has been made slightly better by a more expensive UHF Antena cable.

However, I have a few questions on a number of issues and was hoping that the forum would be able to offer some assitance.

Firstly, when watching Sky digital there seems to be a delay in the audio in that it is out of sync with lip movement. It's like watching some old samurai movies. I never noticed this the first time I watched Sky but I noticed it for the first time last night. I will check again tonight as it might have been the movie I was watching or indeed a setting incorrectly selected in the Plasma options screen. I am using a Scart connection in this instance.

Secondly, I have ordered a Component Cable so that I can watch DVD's using this method in lieu of Scart (RGB), but how do I get sound? Do I use scart as well?

Thirdly, the tuner that came with the plasma seems to buzz quite a bit, to the extent that if I turn the sound down I can hear it quite clearly from 10 to 12 feet away. Is this normal? Seems strange the Tuner buzzes and not the Panel itself.

And last but not least, anyone who has this Plasma, did you get the multimedia adapter that you plug a memory card into with the tuner. I don't seem to have got one?

Many thanks for your time. :)
Congrats on the new Plasma :)

1. Lip Sync - welcome to the world of poor Sky broadcast bandwidth and Plasmas. Lip sync is and issue with pretty much all plasmas and Sky.

Although you may notice it only occurs of the channals that aren't allocated that much bandwidth (e.g. UK Style etc) whilst the movies channels are normally spot on :)

One solution is to use a AV amp that has a audio-delay feature (denon 3803 IIRC)

2. Sound out - Do you have a home cinema system (speakers/Amp etc) as that is usually the way you get sound from the DVD, although IIRC your DVD player may have two phono outs for audio, although you won't get 5.1 sound from that.

You ideally need an AV Amp/Reciever and a digital cable from DVD player to Amp (hope i'm not teaching you to suck eggs here)

3. Tuner buzz - can't help on that front i'm afraid. Maybe worth searching the forums for other 434 owners

Hi ResB,

Good choice of plasma there :laugh:

I haven't heard a "buzz" off my media box, but it does have a fan that can be pretty noisy. Is that the sound you're hearing? Its level of annoyance seems to vary from person to person. My media box is located in such a way that I can barely hear the fan. In truth the transport mechanism of my DVD player is noisier at the listening/viewing position. There is a buzz of the screen, which gets louder as the image gets brighter. It's normal with this screen, I believe.

As regards the multimedia adapter, I was one of the first 10000 or whatever, so I got the adapter and card with various images of European locations and famous paintings. Dunno if the adapter is still being shipped with the screen.


Thanks for the replies guys.

Okay. Lip Sync. Your comments regarding this issue would explain why I didn't notice this straight away. Perhaps I was watching a channel with poor bandwidth as you say, hence the reason I didn't pick up on it. nevertheless, I don't suppose I can do much about this Sky/Plasma phenomenon and it doesn't cause me any real issues although you do state I can look into an AV Amp with audio-delay should it be a problem. Thanks for that but I guess I'll just hold on a little until the wallet fills out a bit. :)

With regard to the Component/Sound issue I perhaps should have explained myself a little further. Unfortunately, I do not have a home cinema system at the moment (still researching) so I will not be using 5.1 sound at this moment. I am just using the Stereo Speakers that come with the Plasma (Sacrilege I know, but I couldn't wait any longer, you know the score :)) So, I have probably answered my own question by using either Scart or 2 x Phono Outs for the sound.

Insofar as Amps/Receivers are concerned I understand the benefits of keep ing these al separate, but in the short term wouldn’t something like a Pioneer DV-868AVi-S DVD player/Decoder be a fairly good option for both HDMI (main reason) and 5.1 sound in the not too distant future.

The buzzing from the Media Box I will investigate tonight once I get home and comment further. Do you know where I can get the multimedia adaptor from? Is it a Pioneer Part or will any generic adaptor do?

Many thanks again.

Hmmm, I don't think you can use SCART and component at the same time, and I'm also not sure there's any way of setting 2 x Phono ins unless you're using Input 4 (which isn't component). I may be wrong here, I'm not using component at the mo since I'm waiting to upgrade my player.

Dunno about the adapter, is there any info on the Pioneer website?

I have a bit of low level fan noise from my Media box but it is now behind the speakers so they cover it.

As for the adapter

Check this out

Scroll down a bit to find the two types. No big warning if you are the sort of person who tweaks their photos on Photoshop or Paintshop pro you will be in trouble.

Digi cameras write the pixel size into the JPG file when the picture is taken. Many cameras will only display the pics on screen if this information is present. Photo editing software strips this info out.

Guess what your Pio needs this info as well. Daft but true. I assume so it can decide how to display the JPG.

So if you tweak photos you need to run them through TVwriter

Which fixes the problem. Costs though. The alternative is to use photos directly from the camera. But they are of course not optimised.

I have a feeling that you can input the audio for input 3 on the 434 on scart even when you are using YUV or HDMI, tho not had to myself, so not sure. So connecting scart and component, the selecting input 3 as component should do the trick.
rnjones - The noise from the media box is indeed the fan. It's quite loud though. Perhaps it's me being picky but i'll do a little more research in Db levels etc. However, thanks for the link for the Media Adapter. Very much appreciated.

MAW - You are indeed correct about Input 3. It works fine albeit the speech seems muted a bit. Many thanks.

Now I really need to fina a good Home cinema system consisting of a HDMI DVD Player, a decent receiver and 5.1 speaker setup... :) Any suggestions? :)
Thanks MAW. The room is 5m long x 3.6m wide. This is what I'm thinking but I just don't have the cash at the moment.

I will get myself a Pioneer DV-868DVi-S in the not too distant future. So I guess I need a receiver and a 5.1 speaker system. I quite like the Acoustimass® 15 Speaker System but I don't know how good they are if I'm honest.

This is a minefield trying to find the right Receiver/Speaker combination, made even worse by my impatience. :)

I have had my 434 for around a month. I too am after a HDMI player but can't afford the 868:( However, will wait for other equipped players in the next few months.

I have partnered my system with the Acoustimass 10 and have been very happy with the results.

Speakers are an emotive subject which when I was buying I was comparing the AM10 to the KEF 'eggs'. I read a load on the Bose systems over the net and to be honest I found 60% of disatisfied reviews mainly from sound techies who analysed the sound/frequency responces and 40% who just loved the systems and the sound.

I'm not sure what that spells out but I went to a dealer listned to both sets of speakers and liked the Bose best. They are now hanging neatly on the wall.

However, the one thing that struck me most coming from a pair of Mordaunt Short floor standers, was the spread of sound field. With the dual cubes it seems the sound is not coming from the speakers and makes surround sound a joy.

I would suggest auditioning as a must but trust your ears as opposed to the reviews of others.

Audio - I'd want an AV Receiver with user adjustable Lip Sync/Audio delay; not sure which if any 'all-in-one's' offer that feature.

Video - dont get hung up on having to have a player with HDMI; were already starting to see alternatives to the player you have listed.

You could keep all of your current sources and look at adding in one of the new Lumagen DVI enabled video processors (see that way you could end up with picture improvements for all of your sources for £800 (VisionDVI).

Best regards

What the sound techies mean about bose is that they are crudely 'engineered' to produce a bright sound that the 1st time listener percieves as 'clear' but is in fact missing some crucial sound frequencies. They're pretty expensive for basic paper cone speakers too. No magic, plenty of marketing. If you want compact speakers there are far better and cheaper ones, where you don't pay for Sunday supplement adverts. Try Anthony Gallo at the top end, Elac, Mission, Jamo and Kef for starters. Bose ' dealers' get good margins on Bose stuff, and are not likely to be unbiased in their auditioning.
Many thanks for the replies guys. It is appreciated.

alancolledge - I think I will wait for the DV-868DVi-S to either drop in price (significantly) or another manufacturer to release something with HDMI. I am using a Sony DVP-NS730 DVD player which has component connections and Progressive scan built in. (Got it from Curry's for an end on line price of £100). So, I can wait for other DVD players with HDMI to arrive. :) However, the Sony player only has Dolby Digital 5.1 output and nothing else. Which is okay for the time being.

Out of interest where did you get your AM10's from? The AM15's are d@mned expensive (£800'ish). I have a demo booked for the weekend to see what they sound like so I'll report back.

Joe Fernand - I forgot about the Lip sync/audio delay issue. I will have to look and see what Receivers have this incorporated. More cost :) Thanks for the Lumagen link also. I will check that out now.

MAW - I guess you don't like BOSE stuff then. :p Just kidding. I value your comments and will check out the other manuafacturers accordingly. I am aware of the Anthony Gallo products and their prices too. :) I really want small satelite speakers which are inconspicuous to say thew least. So the hunt goes on. Many thanks.
Originally posted by ResB
I really want small satelite speakers which are inconspicuous to say thew least. So the hunt goes on. Many thanks.

I don't know how they are viewed here, but I own the Mission FS2-AV set from Mission.

These are NXT speakers so are flat with the sub picking up the bass.

I find these perfect for both music and home cinema and I'm pretty sure they're floating around for about £200 now.

That's for the full 5.1 set and lots of flat speaker cable and double sided tape.

Very wife and child friendly and I love 'em. I don't know if they're overrated but no doubt Maw will give you the professional opinion.
Actually I'm a bit of an NXT fan! It's vital to use the fat black cable supplied, and wire the speakers from the sub, using the sub's crossover. The crossover is at 285Hz or so, way higher than most. Bose crossover is at 200 hz, unfortunately the satellites don't work till 275hz..... Mission own up to the problem and offer the solution. It's also vital to position the sub as near as possible to the front centre of the system, as substantial amounts of voice will come out of the sub, if it's behind you or way to one side it distorts the sound 'image'.
Hmm, I don't know where that offer was I remember seeing, but the best I can find at the moment is £300 at both superfi and empiredirect for both white and silver.

Well worth listening to, if you can get a demo.
MAW- Perhaps 'sound techies' hit a raw nerve but your talking exactly in the same way as the reviews I referred to, frequencies missing marketing hype etc..

As I said speakers are very subjective and I don't pretend to be an expert in the field but I have been happy from the first time I heard them to this morning a year or so later.

Incidentally What Hifi reviewed the AM15 about a year ago and gave it an encouraging 4 stars. ResB I am sure you could get a copy.

To answer your question though, I bought mine from my local independant dealer who although a Bose agent, also supply KEF, Merridian and a host of other makes.

I don't know if Bose still do it but I got mine on the magic interest free for, I think £750. I am sure the prices should have come down by now.

However I am sure you know the differences between the AM15 and AM10 and unless you want to run 6.1 I am pretty sure you would be satisfied with the AM10. In fact I have my rears positioned in a way that two of the cubes are firing towards the middle which gives an effective impression of a centre middle anyway.

The subwoofer even with 2 drivers is more than enough to shake my sofa if I want it to and my room is slightly bigger than yours. So I would certainly listen first and you might not need to consider the AM15:smashin:

P.S. I bought a multiple card reader from Maplin Electronics for £29.99 which works fine for our digital camera.
Sorry mate, the tecchies are right, they're pants sonically, at least on paper. Bose usually won't allow back to back testing. On the plus side you can buy replacement drivers from Maplins for about a fiver..

See what I mean........!!!:rolleyes:

Don't listen to us go with what you like to hear I would be interested in what you think.


I agree on paper very Pants but the last time I had a hearing test which calibrated my eardrums to only accept 20 - 20,000Hz on the flattest response curve was.......... :p
Quite. I will shut up at this point, grown men have thrown bottles at each other for less, and I'm sure you are not that kind of guy. My ears are not calibrated either. The paper is simply about an ATTEMPT at the sound of the real thing. There is of course plenty of the real thing I would gladly change.

Very gracious of you :smashin:

talking of other emotive debates involving bottles would you do that Miriam fella on Sky 1 :rotfl:

Now thats something real that has changed:eek:
Thanks all. All informative stuff :p I'll let you guys know after I've had a listen on Saturday.

The shop requested I take an Audio CD and a DVD. Which would you recommend?

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