Got my daughter an ipod nano for Xmas, complete newbie so need some help please


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I've got my daughter an ipod nano, in order to get music onto it will I need to use Itunes? What about CDs ripped using windows media player, will I be able to transfer those across? Other downloaded music? Also does it show album art and how is that transferred? Apologies for the completely noddy questions but I haven't got a clue about ipods to be honest.



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I'm a mac user so my iPod with windows knowledge may be a bit off but:

Yes you will need to use iTunes to load stuff onto the iPod, but it's really quite nice software and quite intuitive to use. It is free and available for Windows and obviously the Mac (OSX).
If the stuff that you converted using media player was saved as a .wma file, then it won't play but iTunes can convert them so that they will, itunes will also easliy re-import the CD again.
Other downloaded music will play as long as it's mp3, wav or apples native format, AAC. All you need to do is import it into iTunes.
The nano will display album art, if the file has it in the header. The advantage of using iTunes to import CD's is that it will automatically add the album art to the file (if it can find it). If it can't you can always find a picture yourself and add it afterwards. The picture is actually stored in the header of the mp3 file itself.

Here's a link to the apple iTunes site which may answer some questions.

Hope this helps, have a good Xmas.



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By default Windows Media Player converts songs into WMA.
By default iTunes converts songs into AAC.
For cross compatibility I like to convert into MP3 (which both programs can do - you just need to change those options).

If you have all of your music in WMA, iTunes will convert it for you into whatever format you have iTunes set to. Just go File>Add Folder to Libary and find the folder which contains all of your music. After you have done this though you will end up with 2 versions of each song - one in WMA and one in MP3 or AAC or whatever so maybe best to get rid of the WMA and add the MP3's to Windows Media Player as well (so that everything is in mp3 from now on)?

iTunes does do album art - not sure if it will transfer accross though but all you need to do is go on or similar find the album you are looking for and drag the artwork into iTunes.


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You could use windows media player to rip your Cd's to mp3 (making sure to set it mp3 in the rip options) then drag and drop from the "my music" folder to the ipod as windows sees the ipod as an harddrive.

But the easiest way is to use itunes, it's free and works very well. There is a setting that will automatically get the artwork when you rip a CD, and another setting which will automatically add the artwork the your ipod.

And as said you can get itunes to import other music from your computer and it will convert it to whatever format you've got it set to.


lisa burrell

Easy Andy

Go to quick time down load quick time

it downloads i tunes with it

i have bought my mum an I pod with these good guys on hears advice.

Its wrapped up under the tree

But what i done i sneaked loads of mums favourite Cd's into i tunes

you do this by opening I tunes inserting a cd a message comes up you say yes to it converting the CD into apple files there like WMA Files

Best bit Andy When mum open her present I takes the i pod to the computer

Plug it in, it calls up I tunes and automatically downloads what i put into i tunes on to the I pod nano.

Hopes that helps



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I'm sure your daughter will tell you very quickly exactly how to use it :D


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Thanks for the replies, to be honest I download quite a lot of music from usenet. It's pretty much all in MP3 format so presumably I can just import it into I-Tunes and move it across to the Ipod from there. Will it find album art for imported music as well as ripped? The ipod arrived today, comes with a CD, is that the Itunes software or some other software I need to install (it's a reconditioned Ipod so no instructions, unless they're on the CD).



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Just realised that the refurbs don't come with anything to charge it with! Can anyone recommend a cheap charger please?



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Didn't realise it charged over USB so thanks for that! Really should have done some research on these before getting one shouldn't I!

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