Got my 436XDE - am I being too fussy?




Got my 436XDE from Comet today and after waiting in till 5pm it got delivered, although they sent me the speakers for the 50" model, so they will have to come back and exchange them.

Overall I think the picture is superb, even on Sky the panel does a great job of smoothing out the low quality channels, Sky actually looks better in 43" than it did in 29" on my old Sony.

My Xbox connected via the official HD av pack is like a new console and even my PS2 and DVD player via Scart shine.


1/ I have one dead pixel in the bottom right hand corner, it's a red pixel stuck on black. Don't really notice it unless I look for it, certainly doesn't affect gameplay as you tend to focus on the centre of the screen. Is it really acceptable to have even one dead pixel when you've spent £2500 on a TV?

2/ Buzzing, I know some people are more sensitve than others, and I'm the first to admit I have very sensitive hearing, but on low volume and sitting 8ft away from the screen the buzzing is very noticiable. The buzzing gets louder the lighter the scene, and I find it very distracting. Do all panels from the same manufacturer buzz the same or have I got a bad screen. The wife says she doen't notice it at all.

Seeing as Comet are coming round is it worth asking for another screen, I don't want to end up with one with dead pixels in the centre and even worse buzzing.

The pixel I can live with but the buzzing is an issue, what are other 436 owners experience of buzzing from the plasma?


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1 dead pixel isn't that unusual, cheer yourself that it isn't a pixel permanently on.

Buzzing noise that varies in volume according to picture intensity is a plasma "feature". At normal audio volumes it never bothers me with Panasonic or Pioneer plasmas but I have heard others where I would have been concerned.


I also have the Pioneer 435XDE and yes there is a buzz in the air but it obviously varies some what, I can only hear the buzz on mine when I go right up to the media player below the screen other wise I just can't hear it.
On the odd occation I seem to hear it when my head is at a certain height but I certainly can't hear it from a few metres back. See what they say...and if you have a dodgy pixel then all the more reason to see if they will change it?


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I think it is unacceptable to pay so much money and have to learn to live with buzz,dead,stuck pixels etc....They did not warn you when you buy it-you will hear buzz and maybe will have some dead pixels-so if I was you-simply will return it and ask for a new one.


Hi all,

I've had plenty of experience with buzzing plasmas since i've had 2 replacements. My first 2 50"s were pio's and my current is a fujitsu.

All of them buzz and quite loudly for me. It's just very much part of what they are and clearly comes from the powersupply. It may be amplified depending on your room. Thats is, how large is your room, how much soft furnishings you have and how far from the wall you have your plasma.

Eventually i was forced to put 6 sound tiles behind mine and they have largely deadened the sound. To the point now that i have to focus on the buzz to hear it. Just to cover how loud it was, the fuji tech that came over could hear it when we were standing 4mts (12ft+) back from the plasma. So they know how bad it is without the sound tiles.

Hope that helps.

For the small investment in sound tiles, the gain is well worth it.


Update, I have found switching the screen from 75Hz to 100Hz reduces the buzzing considerably. I know some people report seeing judder at 100Hz compared to 75Hz but until I get to play with some films I won't be able to comment on that.

Does the buzzing get worse/better or stay the same as the panel gets run in?


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A stuck pixel is a pain. But if yours is in a corner and is stuck off then I would live with it. If they change it out of good faith and you end up with a couple in the middle stuck on then you may be a little miffed.

I have been in a soundproof room with a 436. I am very sensitive to any 'buzz'. I could hear one when set in Dynamic mode, but not in cinema. If yours is buzzing in cinema mode than I would exchange it for this reason alone. Best test seen was the start of Ice Age - all that white seems to do it.

Other things (which you may have tried already) are ferrite core on both ends of the power cable. Route the power cable well away from anything else and in its own dedicated power socket. Keep all other equipment away from the screen, do not use the clip-on speakers (advice from pioneer - are they kidding!!) and keep the media box well away from the screen.

Tried the last one at a dealer and it did work. Not too sure about the rest...


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try turning the ADV off in the pic settings . also i found that ntsc dvds tend to buzz louder than pal dvds


Stepanoc, I received my 436xde from Comet the other day,

Firstly there is buzz when the sound is muted, but can hardly here it, although my girlfriend can but she says its not distracting. At low volumes, we cannot here any buzz. However I have it plugged into a Belkin pureav surge protector, that cleans the electical flow to my av gear, and this has stopped the buzz from my pioneer 737 dvd player. So I would invest in something like the Belkin purav sureg protetor or a power cord.
So I would not be concerned as a general rule, as they all do it, albeit a very low volumes.

Concerning the dead pixel, I have a small blister/raised, my girlfriend thinks it more a dimble (area about 1.5mm x 1.5 mm) bottom right of the screen, which causes a very mild shadowing. It seems to be in the panel surface than a dead pixel.
Any bodyelse have this?

So i am now debating like you what to do!!. Also do have any mottling of the screen, the screen is a bluish/purplish bloom, that under certain lighting and angles have a very slight mottlying. Not to sure if its due when I have to lay panel flat to attach pedestal (had covered screen when I did this)


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Hubba said:
Also do have any mottling of the screen, the screen is a bluish/purplish bloom, that under certain lighting and angles have a very slight mottlying.

At extreme angles this is normal. The colour bloom is a very good description. Sorry never heard of the other problem.


I have used the screen for a few more hours today, and to tell you truth I haven't even noticed the dead pixel, you really have to look for it.

The buzzing is still there but only becomes noticalble if you are sitting at an angle to the screen, sitting directly in front the panel seems to block most of it.

My panel is plugged into it's own socket the media box is away and I haven't got any speakers attached due to comet delivering the 50" ones.

Seeing as comet have to arrange an exchange for the speakers I shall get them to bring another panel and I'll be able to take off the outer carton and have it plugged in, in a few minutes, I shall then return the worse screen. I was in Comet today and the Pioneer had a definate buzz to it, the same as the one I have so I take it they are all the same. The Panny PV500 next it was virtually silent in comparison.

Can a technical minded bod or someone who has had it explained to them, explain why they buzz, and why after 6 generations of screens they haven't been able/bothered to surpress it? Thanks.


Got my replacement speakers and panel yesterday from Comet, and the new panel sounds exactley the same as the old one. My wife can't hear it, my mother in law can't hear it and the comet delivery men couldn't hear it.

Like I previously said sitting directly in front you cannot hear it, but we have a sofa at a 45" angle and from there you can just about pick it up. I think it is just me, to give you an idea just how sensitive my hearing is a few years ago I was at the cinema with a friend and I could hear his watch ticking!!!! I can even hear the slight whir of the fan in the media centre, and that is virtually silent.

The new panel hasn't got any dead pixels though so that is a bonus. Watching Spooks last night through Sky and the picture was superb, if only all sky channels broadcast in that level of quality.


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The only annoying thing I can hear when watching my plasma is the Sky+ Box buzzing along.

You obviously have the hearing sensitively of a bat. :thumbsup:


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I have tried three plasma screens now and have had to admit defeat due to buzzing.

I had a 433HDE which was not too bad at times but seemed to get louder and louder the longer it was on.

I then had a 50" Panny and that drove me nuts and I only put up with it for a few months.

Then I went for a 50MXE1 which was the best of the bunch but still the buzzing was present.

I would love another plasma but the buzzing is just not something I can live with.

I'm sure people who say their screen doesn't buzz can't hear it themselves...which is great...but they do all's inherent in the way they opperate.

Cheers, Lee

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