Got b/band-Kazaalite-afternoon spare...what should i download


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....give me some suggestions for somemusic to try out.

(Like coldplay/Chilli's/Stereophonics etc)

:cool: :D :rotfl: :nono:


I suspect that your referring to an illegal download site, which is of course not encouraged on these forums :nono:


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OK, but if you used your broadband connection to download music from a legal site then......

A method I use quite often is to wait until you catch a tune on the radio or MTV2 that you like and look up the band's album in You'll see a section called something like 'People who bought this album also bought'. If you download a few snippets from the bands listed there, go back and do the same with those bands, etc, etc.

In a matter of no time you'll have a big list of new bands that you've never heard before that you really like. The ones which you think you want to listen to again and again - well go out and get the CD - although that can be a bit hard on the pocket with the rip off prices that we have to endure.


Yeah, I did that a while back. I checked out Amazon for some of my favorite albums, and used the Amazon lists to find users' lists that included that album. Great way to find similar music.


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Links to (illegal) MP3 sites are still allowed unless they are commercial.
Links to commercial sites which offer legal material are also allowed and encouraged.

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I use a program to download music called Itunes. You can listen to 30 second clips of the song, and can either buy the entire album or on a per song basis for .99/song. I really like real rhapsody, which you can get online and at electronics stores. They have a huge collection of music, and you can isten to any one of the songs in it's entirety without spending any $, except for the monthly fee. They also have many commercial free radio stations to suit your mood. Whether you like alternative music, sports, news, or anything else they probably have something that you will enjoy. If you like something from real rhapsody you only have to pay .79 to burn it to C.D. Hope this helps.

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