Got any suggestions on power amp(s)


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Hi folks, was wondering if anyone ha any suggestions for a power amp (preferably a single one, but I'll consider several).

Here's my speakers: 4x monitors
1x centre
and 1x active sub which of course I don't need an amp for.

I'm using this for the 'source'.

I'm considering adding another 2 monitors at some point but not yet, so a 5 channel amp will do for now. I'm currently using a Denon AVR-2801 which is great, but total overkill as I don't ned any of the features. I've never looked at power amps before so I have no idea what I'd need :)

Cheers for any sugestions!


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You don't mention your budget, but for less than a grand I reckon the Rotel RMB1075 takes some beating. Having just got one, my Denon 3801 receiver has been relegated to pre-pro duties and all I can say is that the difference is amazing - more dynamic, more detailed, more.... everything! It's a five channel amp pushing out 120w REAL watts per channel - Denon are having a larf quoting 105 w.p.c for the 3801. You can then add a Rotel RB1050 stereo amp or similar for 7-channel sound. Further up the line you might want to upgrade to a dedicated processor - I'm currently looking at either Rotel's own RSP-1066 or the new Cyrus AV8.


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Ah yes, good point. As the speakers were £1500 I guess a budget of £500 to £1k would be about right? Don't want to spend more than necessary (obvioulsy!) but something appropriate to the speakers.

I won't (hopefully) be needeing a seperate processor, as that's the job of my PC :) From esrly next year I should have DVD-A which means I can do everything I want - well maybe SACD some time, but not yet.

I'll take a nose at that Rotel. I was kind of wondering that brand anyway as I think I heard they were quite good. I know my local specialist is a dealer.



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Check out Parasound amplifiers too. They tend to have a warmer and smoother sound than Rotel amplifiers.

John Dawson

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I don't normally do commercials but a two box solution, no larger than most stand alone 5 channel power amps, is an Arcam P85 plus P85/3. This will deliver around 500W continuous power into 8 ohms (all 5 channels driven) and uses very advanced current feedback circuitry for the cleanest sound. It can easily be expanded to 6 channels if you need to.


John Dawson (Arcam)

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