Got any info on JVC GR DVL 9700 ?



Just purchased this Camcorder for £375 + usual theft and free delivery.

Just wondered if any CC buffs had any experience of this model.
Bad points good points etc

Couldnt find a decent review becuase its 2nd hand and therefore an older model.

Any info appreciated.....i'm not panicking, just curious : -)
Very good buy.
If it is not used too much(heads,....).

Larger 1/3 CCD, Progress.Scan,....very good cam.
Has its own JVC softw. to extract stills wth PC from footage....etc.

To make full use of its capabilities, u have to buy JVC SVHS Video recorder, to use JLIP controls.

I Recomend JVC HR-S9700. DVD like picture Q-ty....

Thanks helpful

I'm not much into this editing lark.....just really want to capture some footage of the dog, that sort of thing. Slap it onto a blank CD and thats it.

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