Got a Sony 7700 - Want to upgrade to Progressive Scan.

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    Since I bought my LCD projector (Sanyo PLV-Z1) I've been on the lookout for a progressive scan DVD player.

    I've been using a Sony 7700 for about 4 years now and have been happy with it.
    I had intended to by something cheap (<£200) which was progressive and give the Sony to my 3 year old so she can watch
    Teletubbies/AndyPandy/etc DVD's in her own room.

    Then I stumbled upon a thread on avforums earlier this week which made me think again.

    Apparently the Sony 7700 is a much sought after DVD classic.
    More searching confirms that they change hands for between £200->£300.

    The searching also throws up the ability to upgrade the 7700 with internal boards to give it progressive capability.

    "Cinematrix", seems to be one such maker of these "PSM1" boards.
    See here for pictures.

    However I can't find a UK dealer who supplies or fits progressive upgrades to Sony 7700.
    There are some mainland Europe references but nothing in the UK.
    The only option appears to be send my 7700 to Germany for the upgrade fitting for 449Euro plus shipping costs (another 50).

    There was also a rumoured PSM2 which never appeared and today I found that they'd came up instead with a separate box that goes between your DVD and the display.
    See German supplier
    They've dropped the "PSM2" name in favour of the very original "Picture Optimizer".
    Yours for 795Euro for the basic model and 1595Euro for the high spec.
    It would have to be mind blowingly good to justify that price tag.

    Anyone had their 7700 upgraded?
    Is it worth it or should I just spend the money on a new DVD player and sell the Sony?

    Would love to keep the 7700 and have it do progressive.

    I could also go for a "Arianet DVD-2277" see for £80.
    I suppose "you get what you pay for" comes into mind here but my daughter can always get it if it does stink. :)

    Is progressive really worth all this hassle I ask myself!?!

    Buying a new home is easier..

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