Got a problem with my sub ???? help needed


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can anyone help ?
my subwoofer from my surround sound has stopped working
i have a yamaha rx-v765 amp with a mission 73as active subwoofer conected with a qed micro lead.
there is no sound coming out of the sub when the blueray is on or when i connect my i pod but when i turn the amp off you can hear music or voices like its interferance from the blue ray or ipod soon as you turn on the amp it stops.:confused:
so have just tryed another lead and its the same problem,so have plugged my ipod straight in to the sub and the sub works ?????

any ideas apart from pluggin another sub on the amp as i dont have one

so any ideas anybody ????????:lease::lease::lease:


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Is sound emitted from the sub when you run the speaker test on the amp? Have you double checked the LFE settings on the amp?


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The fact you get no sound when you run a speaker test is worrying. Your LFE settings are within the amp's setup menu. You are looking to make sure that the LFE is set to the sub only.

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