Got a PD30, thinking of a Viera - will I be happy?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by blindlemon, Sep 12, 2004.

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    Had my 36PD30 (CRT) for nearly a year now - purchased because, at the time, I was dead set against plasmas and it seemed like the best PQ TV available.

    However, I've not been happy with it from day 1 (see some of my posts in and I'm now on the verge of finally admitting defeat and swapping it for a Viera 42PE30.

    One final question, before I commit myself to joining the plasma club - will I be happy with it? :lease:

    I've looked at loads of Vieras in shops, taken in DVDs to audition etc., and on the whole I think I like what I see. I'm a little concerned about flicker - but as the Vieras do have the Quasi 100hz feature of the PW6 (confirmed by 2 sources at Panasonic!) - hopefully that shouldn't be a problem.

    But, as I'm clearly a fussy git :laugh: I'd be interested to hear the views of anybody who has made a similar transition recently - particularly from a PD30.
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    I was in the same position as you and very nearly plumped for the TX-36PD30 but reading all the posts of complaint in the CRT section put me off, so in the end I plumped for the 37" Viera. I'm very happy with my choice and I have been enjoying it since day 1 :D That's not to say that the Vieras are not without their issues, one of them being flicker. If you do a forum search you will see that at least a couple of members can perceive flicker on their sets, some people notice it, seems the majority don't, thankfully I fall into the latter category.

    Other burning issues of the moment:

    - VGA port is front mounted not on the back.
    - Sound in for component signals is via AV4 SCART effectively wasting a SCART socket for sound only.
    - Set is not compatible with 720p HD signals, I think it can downscale 1080i though, not sure on that.
    - Can't adjust the overscan settings even in the service menus.
    - Some people see dancing green dots in dark scenes due to dithering, seems to affect the PW6 panel too.

    Umm I think that covers it. In general the Viera owners all seem delighted with their sets, I know I am, wouldn't swap it for the world, I certainly don't miss the bulk that the CRT sets would bring to my living room. The professional installers seem less impressed with it, stating that in terms of picture alone the PW6 does alot more for less moulah.

    Do alot of viewing before you buy, sounds like you're doing this anyways. Hope that helps.


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