Got a new Samsung LE40R87BDX coming on Fri need a new AIO now!!


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Ok I got a lovely new Samsung LE40R87BDX coming with a Piano black and chrome stand.

Currently I have a old LG 5.1, and its silver, it doesnt have optical, no scart, hdmi etc, only has composite.

I am after a new AIO DVD player with the following

Reason I want an All-In-One is for the "neat factor" ie one box does all, and it'll look cool in my setup with my Black R87, back V+ on my Black glass stand.

I want this on it of possible: HDMI, optical, DivX, USB, upscaler. black colour, tall box speakers (rear) if possible

any suggestions please?

Or shall I wait until HD-DVD or Blu-Ray win and are intergrated into an AIO that I want? or is that a pipe dream?

I have an Xbox 360 so can get the HD-DVD add on, its just I dont wanna have loads of boxes in my setup I will have TV,V+, and an AIO, it looks coller in my opinion to have these, although might be tempted at Xmas time to get a HD-DVD for the XBox 360?

anyone please?

The chepaer the better, I havent really used this one much, so it wont be used loads, I want to be able to plug in my Xbox 360 for full 5.1 as at the moment its only via the 5.1 through composite.


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wow no replies

I seem to find a few with USB port/DivX etc but none seem to have optical ports on.

I am looking right here arent I? ie for my Xbox 360 I need the 5.1 AIO to have a optical input yeh


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yes..for real 5.1 audio from games,and DTS from videos,you need at least 1 optical in,with your new surround.


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I would say you have 2 samsung options. That's to say if you want the following and optical to connect SKY+ or PS3/XBOX 360 to get 5.1.

1. You want upscaling DVD to 720p or 1080i
2. You want HDMI connection
3. You want to play xvid/divx straight out (no conversion)
4. You want 5.1 Dolby Digital, DTS for yor DVDs
5. You want to play 2-channel (stereo) content in Dolby Pro2 (I call it the pseudo surround mode)
6. USB connection

Samsung seems to get this right and they came up with two really good 5.1 models.
1. Samsung ht-xq100r
2. samsung ht-tx35r much less info available as it's very new. You can find info. samsungs french website.

First system was tested on what hifi magazine april and beat the other contenders for sound, picture, sheer style, features and price.
Second one is soooooooo new there is no review of it anywhere (not that I could find) but my suspicion is that it's same everything as the first system with a different shell. First system top-loading soft-eject unit. It's not your flat evarage DVD player more like a designer home look to it. As a result it would not fit everbody's cabinet/stand where the second one is exactly what you would expect from a DVD player in terms of it's geometry.

I am running my PS3 off of the optical in w/ 5.1 surround and all the other stuff I mentioned above. It's easy to hack to make it region-less. There could be an issue with PC recorded dvd/cds as it can be quite selective with them (so I've heard).
I hope this helps.




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Thanks for the replys, I got that mag with the review, and it looked good and everything I need, but as you say it is no good for "normal" TV cabinets (like I have!)

The TX35r is for sale now, but no reviews, looks good though!

another to the list is it has to be black to match everything in my new setup Sammy 40" R87, Black Virgin V+, not bothered that the system is Sammy just be matching those specs.


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The LG LHRH760IA has all the specs you require and more, adding a 160gb hard drive and a dvd recorder into the set-up. The forums has a complete thread dedicated to the system and all comments/reviews have been excellent, just difficult to get your hands on one...

Independant review here:

Can you play DivX from the USB? ie can you plug in a USB memory pen and play stuff off there? or an iPod etc?

Can you play DivX off the HDD inside the unit? ie copy some DivX stuff off a DVD-R to the HDD and then play it from there? if so thats cool and may get the vote over the Sammy TX35r if so...

Just got the manual off the LG site, on the pic of the front and back cant see any optical inputs, although it is listed on the spec sheet on the LG site?!?! where are they as this is a must for my Xbox 360, and the main reaso I am upgrading, cant be looking at tthis unless it has...


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I cant find the LG anywhere to buy there is a similar model but hasnt got optical.

ANywhere to buy it?

Is there a AIO with a DVD recorder and not the HDD as I have my V+?


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