Got a bush 5.1 system but cannot get tv to play thru it how do i do it?


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I have bought a bush home cinema system but cannot get tv to play through speakers, how do I do this? My picture is through a hdmi from sky + box. The dvd unit has just one scart as too the sky + box. pls help


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Do you have a link to the system? If it lacks audio inputs, you are going to struggle to get audio from external sources. If it only has SCART out, it might not be achievable. The only option I can see is using SCART passthrough i.e. looping your DVD player through the SCART on the Sky+HD box.

Makes / model numbers would help.

Sky can output stereo audio over analogue phono connections (red/white) and HDMI and also dolby digital 5.1 over digi-coax and optical outputs.

To be honest, it doesn't sound good but once you have posted answers to the above, we can proceed further. My initial advice would be to return it and go for a system with digital audio inputs so you can get DD5.1 from sky movies, sports and selected programmes.
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