Got a 360


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Thanks for the advice i got on this forum, great place!!

Went to gamestation got 360, pgr3 wireless pack, cod3, gow, pes and wireless controller for 339.

Well chuffe, just setting it up now


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that deal is seriously tempting - do you know how long they will be doing that for?


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Well done mate, welcome to the club! If youre using the component cable with a hdtv dont forget to flick the little 'hd' switch on the cable...i forgot the first time i plugged it in :)


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I am soooo tempted by this offer and have been looking at it for a while now, my sticking point is that i have £290 of capital bonds set aside of my 360 purchace and no one (who accepts Capital Bonds) can get near this offer!!

Enjoy your new purchase and hopefully i shall be joining you all soon.


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Quick help please!!

Setting up HDTV settings:

I have a medion 32" 20099 HDTV max resolution is 1366 x 768

Tv manual says it can accept 720i or 1080i signals, what setting will give me the best pic on this tv



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Best bet - just play games with both settings and see which you prefer.

Beauty is an eye holding the beholder, or something.

I actually much prefer using VGA, though for backwards compatibility it is a major arse pain as a lot of those games play at 50hz which is not supported over the VGA cable for reasons I do not understand.

Lots and lots and lots of threads about component vs VGA. Conclusion: do what's best for your eye, or eyes.

Edit: saw 720i, guess this is a wee typo.

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