Got 2 Bargains today Panasonic DMR-ES20


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Ha guys i have had a realy good day today and got a great deal on some Panasonic stuff.
I got a Panasonic DMR-ES20 brand spanking new 12 mth warranty all boxed for £89.99:D :D :smashin:
And a Panasonic DVD-S52 brand spanking new 12 mth warranty all boxed for £49.99 :smashin: :thumbsup: So im realy happy today post pic's in a bit show ya the stuff.


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C'mon c'mon....reveal your sources!
I'm looking out for something in the ES20 price range for a family member, if I can get it for that price, I might be generous enough to make it a crimbo pressie....



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:eek: from a shop buy me thay have the top of the line panasonic's dmr in ther in the shop's it like £350-£400 thay have it for £179


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if they got an offer that good, perhaps it might be a good idea to say the name of the shop so others can get a nice bargain too.....otherwise its like one of those General Chat threads titled 'Had a hot date last night with mega fit bird'......but no pics.....

anthony evs

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Hi Slim, cant you state teh shop, I`m looking for a dvd recorder myself, and the deal you had sounds good, wanna phone the shop to order stuff myself.



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Yer the shop is called home barginns i think ill look for the receipt to double check. There owend by Argos its all stuff that is end of line did not sell like the DVD-S52 dont think that will be in the new Argos

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